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15 December 2012

helicopter helicopter Canggih

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 V-22 Osprey

Quest for hybrid machine which could perform both helicopter and aircraft role was long and dates back to the Cold War. V-22 pushed forward limits of human airplane design. It is a crown jewel of hard work and high people and material cost. This machine can perform landing and take-off from very small and nasty places in which standard transport airplanes can only perform parachute drops. Amongst all it can reach up to 560 km/h in flight, carry 27 tons of cargo and reach up to 7,900 meters of height. United States Army had been given excellent machine.
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Boeing AH-64 Apache

Vietnam war proved the point that combat helicopters are due to prove their effectiveness in the battle. From AH-1 Cobra to AH-64 Apache it was a long road of development. Main purpose of this interesting helicopter is tank and vehicle hunt, forward observe, gunship for close support etc. Armed with 30mm cannon and assorted missiles/rockets this helicopter is also well known for it’s strength and sturdiness, as well as silent approach (lesson learned from UH-1 “Huey”). Used in many conflicts through the last century this helicopter with 300 km/h speed and combat radius of 480 km will remain in the United States Army as well as in certain other armies around the globe.
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Kamov Ka-52

The “Alligator” is direct descendant of “Crocodile” – Mi-24 Hind. Strong gunship, versatile, well armed and with it’s distinct shape Kamov 52 will surely prove it’s effectiveness in the future. Rather strange design with two main rotors and without tail rotor it provides 315 km/h and 545 km of range for it’s pilot. Even though Kamov design bureau went through difficult time during dissolution of the Soviet Union this helicopter surely proves that Russian weapons industry goes strong on the international market. Amongst all Russian Army received remarkable helicopter.
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Eurocopter Tiger

European Union is not simply political and economical community. Strong military industry is being developed to provide armies with quality weapon systems. Amongst them it’s place hold Eurocopter Tiger, designed to supplement ground troops as a gunship and full-time combat helicopter. Sophisticated and versatile it provides 300 km/h and service range of 800 km. It’s armed with single 30mm cannon and assorted air-to-ground and air-to-air missiles which fortify it’s strength and combat value. Sure a machine to prove it’s worth in the future.
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